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How Lance Armstrong broke my heart

Fallen heroes. They break quite a lot of other things on their way down.

Take Lance Armstrong, for example. I loved Lance as a hero, as a winner, and as a champion who beat the cancer demon.

I thought success sat well on his shoulders. I loved how he conducted himself in interviews. I loved that he was in movies like Dodgeball.

I loved him.

It seems now that Lance’s dodging skills are actually dodgy skills. Lance, if the accusations flooding the media are true, is a cheat.

I’m crushed, and I have to ask:

Lance, how could you?  Why did you?

For years I held him above other athlete for what he did on Le Tour de France, which has to be the biggest test of heart and stamina in the modern world. I respect every man competing in that race, let alone the one who wins it.

Lance then did wonderful work raising awareness and sympathy for cancer causes through the LiveStrong Foundation. The LiveStrong site describes the character of Lance beautifully:

‘…a combination of physical conditioning, a strong support system and competitive spirit took over. He declared himself not a cancer victim but a cancer survivor. He took an active role in educating himself about his disease and the treatment. Armed with knowledge and confidence in medicine, he underwent aggressive treatment and beat the disease.’

Lance was heaven sent. His appeal was in his honesty as a person, being a champion who beat cancer to go on and raise money for charities.

Until now.

Now Lance is called a ‘serial cheat’ and a bully, and it’s crushing to know. It makes me lose hope in my athletes.

From now on, the only cyclist I can be sure is clean is Cadel Evans.

I love Cadel but if he turns out to be a huge cheat then I’m changing sports!

Underwater cycling, anyone?

Old dogs and new tricks

After decades in the workforce I have returned to full time study.

I wish someone had told me years ago that you’re always learning and that formal education is nothing to fear. Not if you’re interested in what you’re learning.

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.
Henry Ford


 It’s true. When I started working:

  • the company I worked for used couriers to deliver and receive documents
  • no one had smart phones, and
  • the office was full of golf-ball typewriters.


  • couriers are seldom used because of email and cloud technologies
  • everyone has at least one portable telephone device, whether it’s ‘smart’ or regular, and
  • the only place you’ll see a golf-ball typewriter is on an episode of Mad Men.


We deal with those technology changes without thinking about them. Some people still say they can’t learn new things despite the massive technological changes of recent years.

So I came into class earlier this year to find that my mostly 20(ish) year old classmates use all the new things I’d been avoiding til then.  They record their lives, thanks to their smartphones, on Facebook, via Instagram, blogs and tweets. I have to say that it’s been exhilarating and so much fun to enter into this new world and partake in it.

I love it now.  After long-held perceptions (I don’t need a smartphone) were broken, it’s like I’ve been set free.  Truly, I used to look with wonder at The Robot from ‘Lost in Space’. Now? I feel young, just like Henry Ford would want it to be.



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